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This is a small roleplaying game system created by Phergus for use in examples and samples for RPTools applications. As noted on the original thread, this is not meant to be a mature and balanced system, but rather a system that contains enough aspects to highlight a good selection of application features. See the original thread for more details.


Primary Attributes

Primary attributes are determined using a point system. Starting characters are given 14 points to distribute among their four primary attributes. Each primary attribute must at least have a value of 1, but can be no higher than 6.

  • Strength (Str)
  • Dexterity (Dex)
  • Intelligence (Int)
  • Endurance (End)

Summary: Total of 14 points. Minimum of 1. Maximum of 6.

Derived Attributes

Characters possess three derived attributes. Hit Points are determined by multiplying Endurance by 6. Each character class has a different Armor score; Armor can also be increased by powers. Base Movement is equal to a character's Dexterity.

  • Hit Points (HP)
  • Armor (AR)
  • Movement (MV)

Summary: (Endurance)x6 Hit Points. Armor determined by class. Movement equals Dexterity.


At character creation, players get to choose a class for their character. The chosen class determines beginning powers and Armor.

Class Beginning Powers Armor
Warrior Sword, Shield Bash, Bow, Shield, Torch 6
Rogue Dagger, Hide, Backstab, Pick Lock, Torch 2
Wizard Dagger, Staff, Light, Lightning Bolt, Fire Ball 1
Priest Mace, Heal, Protect, Banish Undead, Torch 4



Each combatant rolls for initiative at the beginning of each round. Initiative roll is 1d6 + Dexterity. Each combatant acts in order of initiative, highest to lowest, each round.


Combatants can use a power or move each round. When moving, a combatant can move a number of squares/hexes equal to their Movement.

Attack Roll

An attack power requires a roll to determine if it succeeds. If the roll is 15 or higher after applying any bonuses, the attack power succeeds.

  • Melee Attacks - Roll 1d20 + Strength + Power Attack Bonus
  • Ranged Attack - Roll 1d20 + Dexterity + Power Attack Bonus
  • Spell Attack - Roll 1d10 + Intelligence + Power Attack Bonus

Summary: A 15+ on the attack roll succeeds.

Damage Roll

If an attack power succeeds in hitting the target, determined damage by rolling 1d6, apply the power damage bonus, add the relevant attack attribute, and finally subtract the target's Armor. Subtract the result from the target's Hit Points.
Summary: 1d6 + (Power Damage Bonus) + (Attack Attribute Bonus) - Armor


PCs/NPCs have Powers that represent their attacks and abilities. Beginnning PCs have 5 powers. NPCs will have a variable number but at least 1. Two types of powers: Attack & Other. During any combat round a PC/NPC may have 1 non-attack Power active and may use 1 Power to attack.

Attack Powers

Name Attack Bonus Damage Bonus Range Special
Backstab +4 2x - Must attack from rear and have been hidden previous round.
Banish Undead +0 +8 4 Only works on Undead. With a roll of 6 on a d6 the Undead is Enraged and gains +2 damage for 3 rounds.
Bite I -1 -2 -
Bite II -1 -1 - Infects target on a roll of 5+, reduces Strength by 2.
Bow +0 +1 8
Chilling Touch -1 +2 - Freezing touch does damage and reduces Dexterity by 2.
Claw -2 +2 -
Curse +0 +0 3 Pain from attack reduces Intelligence by 2.
Dagger +0 -1 2 Melee or ranged.
Fire Ball -1 +0 4 Does damage to target and all in the immediately adjacent squares/hexes.
Heal * - 4 Heals target (self/other) for 2d6. *No roll to hit.
Lightning Bolt +1 +4 6 Single target
Mace +1 +1 -
Shield Bash -1 1/2 - Stuns foe with a 4+ on a d6 for 3 rounds.
Staff +0 +0 -
Summon Undead - - 2 Summons 1 zombie.
Sword +2 +2 -

Other Powers

Name Range Special
Hide - Hides Rogue from enemies. Cannot attack except for Backstab.
Light - Illuminates a 6 square/hex radius around Wizard.
Pick Lock - Opens Lock on 1d6 + Dexterity > Lock Difficulty.
Protect 4 Gives +4 Armor to target. (self/other)
Shield - Adds +2 Armor. Can't be used with Shield Bash.
Torch - Illuminates a 3 square/hex radius around character.