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Universal VTT Format

This feature is available as of MapTool 1.7.0

The Universal VTT format is a VTT agnostic export format (.dd2vtt) originally added to the map creation program Dungeondraft that includes not only the map image but also light/vision blocking information (walls and such), light sources on the maps, and portals (doors & windows). This allows MapTool to read in the exported map file and create a MapTool map with VBL already in place.

Simple map created in Dungeondraft.

Importing a Universal VTT File

Selecting Import Universal VTT... from the Map menu will prompt for a .dd2vtt file and then display the Imported Map Properties dialog.

Imported Map Properties

And the map file loaded into MapTool with VBL in place.

Imported into MapTool with VBL visible.

Applications Exporting the Universal VTT Format

As of MapTool v1.11 the menu option has been renamed to Import Universal VTT... to reflect that the files can be exported by multiple applications and that is how Dungeondraft refers to it as well.