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MapTool ChangeLog (for the source code)

Note: This ChangeLog is for the 1.3 versions of MapTool. MapTool source code is now housed on GitHub. Newer versions of MapTool and their associated changelogs can be found on the GitHub MapTool Page.

This page will attempt to document the on-going changes to the MapTool source code by those individuals who have Commit authority to the Subversion repository on

Ideally, I'd like to see an actual ChangeLog for each build of MapTool as well as an "in my queue right now" list, but the latter is unlikely to be kept up to date (even by me!) so I'll settle for just a ChangeLog. :)

Since the RPTools team has not been using the SourceForge bug tracker for 1.3 there hasn't been a comprehensive list of bugs/features being worked on (long story, but we will be using the Mantis bug tracker for 1.4). I have provided a list of Things I'd Like to See Fixed for 1.3 but there is no guarantee expressed or implied that any of them will come to fruition!

Where to find more information

For information about how to download (a.k.a. checkout) the source code, please see the thread on our forum that discusses that topic: How to get RPTools source via Eclipse and subversion. Another topic worth reviewing is a stream of consciousness thread by Azhrei regarding notes on how to build the application using Eclipse: MapTool build notes for Eclipse.

ChangeLog entries

1.3 Final p07 (1.3.b90; released [soon])

  • replaced a lot of calls to System.err with logging to .error() or .warn()
  • commented out a lot of System.out.println() statements!
  • updated formatting preferences for Eclipse
  • fixed handling of spaces in <key,value> pairs for varsFromStrProp since spaces are allowed in keys now; added javadoc
  • removed MapToolLauncher written in C++ -- superseded by Java version in new project
  • updated logging XML files; fix for i18n in drawVBL/eraseVBL; updates to StringUtil
  • formatting; removed System.out debugging call
  • added drawVBL/eraseVB functions; added get/setTokenShape() and getTokenWidth/Height() functions
  • fix for canSeeToken() when token is !snapToGrid; (Jamz)
  • fix for how VBL line segments join; (Jamz)
  • added X as topology (VBL) drawing shape; (CoveredInFish)
  • added image to use in Help menu
  • formatting; regex change looking for Help keys in properties; "import map" code test
  • fixed typo in reference to key
  • new UPNP library; added "-Xdock:name" to Debug configurations (will it work on non-OSX?)
  • sorry, I believe the only changes are licensing and some fixed warnings but not guaranteed :(
  • general cleanup, license change, warnings fixed in prep for end of 1.3 and beginning of 1.4
  • added licensing details; some code is Apache, some is LGPL, some is AGPL
  • reformatting; license update to LGPL
  • updated list of logging configuration options
  • added OOM handling during campaign IO so a better message is provided
  • fix missing/incorrect translation keys (found by looking at log.txt)
  • attempt to standardize calls to getInputMap() to help track down NPE
  • added "all.xml" file to turn on all available logging
  • fix for autosaving not clearing the AppState flag (final fix?)
  • fix action.undoMapDrawing (remove "Map"), test version of new autosave code
  • fix filenames (remove spaces) and update logging info
  • added logging in AppState to help isolate problems with autosave deadlocks
  • cleanup of Windows batch files; move towards making them more generic

1.3 Final p06 (1.3.b89; released 2013-04-05)

  • removed unneeded JAR file
  • removed stupid files auto-created by OSX's File Manager
  • added rplib-1.0.b134 for maptool-1.3.b89
  • fix smiley parsing in chat output (tiorthan);
  • fix handling of exceptions that could have caused exceptions (tiorthan);
  • added text from "Help > Gather Sys Info..." to the getInfo() macro result (CiF);
  • fix token highlighting after grid adjustment (Lee);
  • corrects how paths are calculated for tokens under certain circumstances (Lee);
  • fix movement of token group when snapped token follows unsnapped token on map with snap-to-grid turned on (Lee);
  • add macro functions for drawing/erasing VBL (JamzTheMan);
  • last piece of VisibleAreaSegment cleanup
  • added Apache commons-net-3.2.jar to the build path for FTP fix
  • sometimes input() panels are too large; this patch constrains the height to 5/8 the screen height
  • fixes problem where loading a campaign would delete straight lines made with the drawing tools
  • modify getTokenImage() so it returns an empty string instead of causing an error for invalid token identifiers
  • fix HTML form submission; patch based on Lee's code
  • fix "Comparator violates contract!" exception without using Java 6 legacy mode
  • using FTP to update an existing repository is being removed (slowly) as a feature
  • change broadcast() so empty list sends to no one;
  • fixed handling of line terminators inside list string functions;
  • new field suggested by wolph42;
  • credit to yorick for finding a huge inefficiency!
  • removed source file no longer used; cleaned up "Help > Gather Debug Info..." menu option
  • Help menu now dynamically builds menu items for external URLs by reading language-dependent property files
  • Fix "Comparable doesn't abide by contract" error in Java 7 (no testing by me as I don't have J7 on OSX -- yet)
  • json.type.patch.txt contributed by tiorthan
  • browserstartfix.txt contributed by tiorthan with some changes from azhrei_fje
  • colordisplayfix.txt as contributed by tiorthan
  • tiorthan/imageaspectfix.txt -- keep aspect ratio of image if only width or height change
  • Craig's patch to revert a previous patch which cleared the tokenCache prematurely in the Zone renderer
  • Problems encountered while closing the upnp port now log a warning message rather than producing a pop up with information that is not useful to the user.
  • Changed the way the MTscript strformat() works when a format string specifies an invalid variable name inside %{} -- should be backward compatible
  • Create import file for RegEdit on Windows that removes MapTool registry entries
  • Applied high resolution mouse wheel fix from RevenantBob.
  • Removed fix for map not displaying on first start up of campaign bug fix as it was causing a more serious bug with resizing of objects.
  • Applied patch from username that fixed a bug while dropping a second token.
  • Fix conversion of string list into json array via json.fromList()
  • Replaced DrawableUndoManager with UndoPerMap (the previous one was global); temporary commit -- needs a lot of testing
  • Remove block dot from center of Radius Template when drawn

1.3 Final p05 (1.3.b88; released 2012-03-16)

1.3 Final p04 (1.3.b87; released 2011-10-06)

  • Added menu item for Help > Gather Debugging Information (user debugging)
  • Fixed the zoom field so that typing in a number has better error handling
  • Fix for assets referenced in a campaign file but not included in it (would cause "Cannot load campaign" errors)
  • Fix MTscript setSize() and copyToken() to accept "free" or "native" to indicate original image size
  • Updated Spanish translation from patoace
  • Added some keystroke mappings for OSX (instead of requiring HOME and END, Meta-Left and Meta-Right will suffice now)
  • Fixed bug in the way MTscript function copyToken() initialized exposed fog for new tokens
  • Change handling of token deletion dialog so that NO is the default when the window Close button is used
  • Add check to avoid NPE when exporting a screenshot
  • FoW fixes - selecting only an NPC works like not selecting any token at all
  • FoW fixes - no tokens selected shows the same as all owned tokens merged; global FoW added to individual fog
  • Fixed NPE when releasing the mouse and Object/Background token was being resized
  • Defer image update to avoid deadlock
  • Fix for crash when quitting MT and saying "Yes" to save and an autosave is currently running
  • Updated XStream library from 1.3.1 to 1.4.1 (fixes crash under Java 7)
  • Halos on objects and footprints were drawn wrong on objects.
  • Made sure Windows .BAT files had CR-LF terminators
  • Phergus' -- fix for keyboard movement of tokens on hex grids
  • Phergus' -- fix for hard fog appearing when no owned tokens are selected
  • Last (?) fix for NPE on movement when Lock Movement flag is set on init panel
  • Add ability for DEVELOPMENT version to act as client or server to any other version (but causes properties.xml to contain a version number of DEVELOPMENT in saved campaigns)
  • Changed hard-coded CTRL_DOWN_MASK to platform-specific key (Ctrl on Windows and Unix, Command on OSX)
  • Moved "Change To" on right-click menu for stamps so it appears in the same place as on tokens
  • Updated many third-party libraries (string handling, docking panels, TinyLAF, JSON)
  • Added Default.theme to the ZIP file -- may require copying it to your .maptool/config directory to enable it on some platforms

1.3 Final p03 (1.3.b86; released 2011-04-18)

  • Tweak to token's context menu so that merging all tokens' TEA is faster (not used much anyway?)
  • Fixed a lot of warnings (about 70 out of 700!)
  • Better error/exception handling
  • Fixed timer not being stopped at the correct times
  • Tweaks to prevent exceptions and speed up rendering
  • Added Apache License statement to source files that didn't have it already

1.3 Final p02 (1.3.b85; released 2011-04-06)

Easy to read update:

  • Added support for platform specific picture formats
  • Fixed hex grid movement
  • Bug Fixes

Patchlevel 02:

  • MRU campaign list wasn't being updated on OSX (flawed handling of special characters in campaign filenames fixed for all platforms).
  • Players dropping a token with a duplicate name now refuses to add the token at all (message to chat window).
  • Changed drag/drop handling again; split if-else into a series of IF statements.
  • Modified the token movement validation code to make debugging easier.
  • Added README to the .maptool/resource directory to warn users not to put their own files there!
  • Add warning when running MapTool on Java 5.
  • Revert call to String constructor that requires Java 6 (trying to keep MapTool as Java 5 compatible as possible).
  • Fix NPE when dragging tokens on hex map.
  • Added two Unix scripts to extract all possible logging objects directly from the source code (not directly useful for users).
  • Fixed some screenshot issues. However, no 100% fix is possible.
  • Make StackOverflow messages look nicer and give the user a hint to solving it.
  • ConnectToServer reports error when the external address is used on the Direct tab.
  • Size limits on global macros are now reported if a saved macro is not read back as identical text.
  • Edit>Clear Drawings was always working on the Token layer instead of the currently selected layer; message box changed to report the layer to the user.
  • Loading a campaign now releases all drawables when only eraser drawables still remain after optimization.
  • Exporting campaign properties didn't properly save table images, so loading them later caused FileNotFound errors. Exported tables work fine. Related to this report?
  • Better handling of FileNotFound errors in general.
  • Fix for asset directory disappearing or not being accessible.
  • Add support for platform-specific image filetypes using conditional Java 6 code. On pre-Java 6 the list of filename extensions remains hard-coded to gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, and png but Java 6 systems may have additional formats (tiff and wbmp are common).
  • Modified how performance data is reported by Tools>Collect Performance Data.
  • Renamed README to README.wri so it opens in Wordpad on Windows (it's still just an ordinary text file).
  • Movement on hex grids now checks properly for fog in both source and destination cells.
  • Fix missing Details button of some exceptions.
  • Fix NPE bug in the States and Healthbar image handling.
  • Fix NPE bug when rendering tokens.
  • Fixed a NumberFormatException.
  • Some URLs still don't open properly when dropped on the map -- JRE bug?
  • Allow development version to have any client version connect to it (primarily for developer use).
  • Renamed PDF of documentation to match MapToolLauncher.exe.
  • Some fog performance issues cleaned up; hopefully less lag.
  • non-SnapToGrid tokens on hex map no longer snap to grid.
  • Add a comment to the chat window (and via popup) when fog toolbar is used the first time with no server running (a warning about using IF features with no server).
  • Add yes/no confirmation to clear fog when importing a map.
  • Holding down Shift when mousing over a token prevents stat sheet from being displayed (see window's statusbar help message).
  • Fixed how duplicate maps are named on import.
  • jay - InitiativePanel was not being handled properly during campaign load, causing the panel to be cleared sometimes.
  • jfrazierjr - updates to how fog is broken down into "global" vs. "token" and how they are merged for display purposes; small amount of other fog-related cleanup.
  • CoveredInFish - found a Java bug with the drag/drop support; not going to be fixed in 1.3. Drag the image to your desktop first, then from there to MapTool.
  • patoace - Spanish translation updated.

1.3 Final p01 (1.3.b84; released 2011-02-09)

Patchlevel 01:

  • Fixed NPE when dragging a token on a gridless map (and certain conditions are met).
  • Updated documentation on Campaign Properties dialog Light tab.
  • Fixed NPE in setting token name regarding calling isTrusted().
  • Fix rendering of token names/labels on mouseover.
  • Removed dock badge from icon on OSX.
  • Fix bug with profiling window trying to open before main frame is open.
  • Fix NPE bug with moving token on gridless map.
  • Updated French translation (see credits)

1.3 Final (1.3.b83; released 2011-02-08)

  • Removed binary Abeille forms from SVN (not a user-visible change).
  • The MapExplorer was showing players too much information.
  • Resizing a rotated object image will ignore the Shift key (which constrains the size); I recommend setting the size first, then rotating.
  • Changing the token's image via the EditTokenDialog didn't update the token's native width/height.
  • Fixed "you are not the GM" dialog popping up during copyToken() in a trusted function.
  • Fix bug in handling of non-existent images dropped onto a map (race condition).
  • Adding logging in HTMLPane to try to locate why mouseClick events are lost in frames.
  • Updated display of credits in the About MapTool dialog.
  • Added lots of comments to English translation file to describe how to do translations.
  • New Japanese translation added (based on SVN revision 5623 so very current).
  • Cause light sources and auras to be sorted alphabetically on the right-click menu.
  • Changed the algorithm that determines if a token may move into a particular location. Only works for square grids. New maps are constrained to a grid size of at least 9 pixels to support the new algorithm.
  • As part of the previous item, code has been refactored to make it easier to write similar algorithms for gridless and hex maps.
  • Added error trapping for corrupted campaign files to give users a better message.
  • Added data from the Collect Performance Data window to log.txt (must be enabled in the XML files that are part of the ZIP download).
  • Changed typing notification window status so it doesn't interfere with the mouse pointer shape when drawing VBL or templates.
  • Fix a couple of exceptions: IllegalStateException and add comment re: ConcurrentModificationException -
  • Added Meta-Shift-L as Lock Player Movement shortcut.
  • Fix token labels not appearing when moving a token in some cases.

1.3b82-RC5 (released 2011-01-22)

  • Fixed NPE when working with gridless maps and using the middle mouse button
  • Changed the token editor dialog so that the Size dropdown field has the correct first entry (either Native Size or Free Size depending on whether the token is on the Token layer or another layer)
  • Fixed bug where the token editor dialog was only initializing the Size field once and populating it with the sizes for the grid type on that map so changing maps to a different grid type showed the wrong sizes!
  • Added the ability to double-click on the Layout panel image (on the token editor dialog's Config tab) to reset the position and zoom
  • Added a status bar message when the mouse enters the Layout panel
  • Fixed currentToken() when multiple tokens with identical names are selected and a macro is executed that has ApplyToSelected active
  • Fixed bug in table handling that could cause an existing table to be deleted if it were to be renamed and had a syntax error in the range field, then the user Cancel-ed the dialog
  • Fixed text labels not appearing to players although they show up fine for the GM
  • Fixed MapExplorer showing NPC information that it didn't previously
  • Added support for the VisibleToOwnerOnly flag for drag/drop between CharacterTool and MapTool (implemented in MapTool only)
  • Removed small dot drawn at (0,0) by the RadiusTemplate (this bug goes back to at least 1.3b34!)
  • Token movement now occurs below fog so it's not visible to players unless the fog has been exposed
  • Data from "export screenshot" saved correctly in campaign file (previous fix was incomplete)
  • Fixed drag/drop of files from desktop onto map on Linux/OSX (now allows multiple files to be dropped at once)
  • Fix NPE when selected token is deleted by macro then moved by user without unselecting and re-selecting
  • Fix NPE when Impersonation panel tries to refresh without a map visible
  • Fix NPE when loading campaign from 1.3b45 (bug in macro button handling)
  • Change getInfo() so the light source information is more detailed when campaign is the topic being queried (should add preferences somewhere as well)
  • Fix fog-of-war not being updated when a token was copy/pasted from another map
  • Entries in for slash commands now use the same key format as menu items (not a user-visible change)
  • All forms converted from .jfrm to .xml (not a user-visible change, but please report any display problems with dialog boxes)
  • Fix copy/paste of tokens so that relative offsets between tokens are preserved; works whether source or destination maps are gridless
  • Added audio feedback: Copy and Cut beep when no (owned) tokens are selected and Paste beeps if no tokens have yet been copied or cut
  • Change to allow token editor dialog's Properties tab to resize with the dialog window; this is a Java6-only change! We need a Java5-compatible method of doing this before 1.3 Final
  • Halo colors are updated to the same list as button and font colors
  • aku - huge number of strings have been localized and now appear in the translation file
  • aPown - updated German translation
  • Natha - updated French translation
  • patoace - updated Spanish translation
  • (user?) - add new Japanese translation

1.3b81-RC4 (released 2011-01-08)

1.3b80-RC3 (released 2010-12-30)

  • Fix bug similar to the one in b79 that prevents saved tokens from being loaded in some (most?) cases.
  • Fix copyToken's handling of hex grids
  • Fix NPE (see SVN revision 5531 comment for details)
  • jfrazierjr - Individual FoW with Vision turned off (uncommitted patch)
  • Colors for macro button fonts weren't being recognized
  • Changed setOwner() back to its previous definition

1.3b79-RC2 (released 2010-12-29)

1.3b78-RC1 (released 2010-12-29)

  • Fix handling of the font size for the macro buttons
  • Start cleanup of copyToken() code for hex grids by reverting meaning of useDistance so that old macros work again (sigh). We need regression tests written in MTscript!!
  • Fix token's (x,y) coords when snapToGrid is turned on (x,y coords were not being constrained to grid cell when snapToGrid was enabled). Hex grids appear to not snap correctly and never have; work-in-progress
  • Fix token.readResolve() so that pre-1.3b66 tokens (those without a CaseInsensitiveHashMap) can be read properly (warning: ugly backward compatibility code!)
  • Updated getInitiativeList() (and wiki) so that it checks for trusted context; includes small performance optimization
  • Fixed NPE in (line 174) so that the init panel doesn't try to render a token that doesn't exist
  • Menu option Lock Zoom didn't stop the -/= keys from zooming, only the mouse wheel
  • Lock Zoom also disables the zoom status bar field and View > Zoom menu options
  • Fixed bug when macro with Apply to Selected used currentToken() which returned the same id multiple times when multiple tokens with the same name are selected
  • Fix setOwner("") not turning on All Players
  • Fix NPE in TokenImageOverlay when non-Boolean value is state value (shouldn't happen?)
  • MapExplorer did not check some token attributes correctly before adding to the various parts of the panel
  • Changed .text to .desc for a couple of keys in the English translation file
  • Updated Polish translation (see the Credits inside MapTool)
  • Added Russian translation (see the Credits inside MapTool)

1.3b77 (released 2010-12-07)

1.3b76 (released 2010-10-21)

  • Added cleanup after saving resources (should help with "too many open files" error and with .maptool/tmp not being cleaned up properly)
  • The "Test Connection" button has been replaced with the "Network Help" button
  • The long-standing bug where the border around a selected token is drawn outside the map window is fixed!
  • Fixed Un*x start scripts to use JAVA_HOME if set; also fixed a typo in those scripts
  • jay - init panel no longer loses tokens that are dropped "outside" the area of the list
  • jfrazierjr/Rumble - fix for the "jumping template" bug; lots of testing needed.
  • jfrazierjr - MTscript functions for FoW manipulation (exposeFOW() and exposePCOnlyArea())
  • jfrazierjr - Ignore client Preferences for FoW revealing
  • jfrazierjr - patch for ownerVisibleOnly setting on tokens
  • jfrazierjr - add movement metric to Start Server dialog to force it onto clients
  • jfrazierjr - added Lock Token Movement to the server policy(internal to the code) so that newly connected clients will get the value of the server's menu item checkbox.
  • jfrazierjr - added new move function: getMoveCount(). This gets the last movement count in units using the movement metric defined by the server(see above for new server setting)
  • jfrazierjr - fixed path not showing to players when Use Individual Views is selected for tokens they do not own.
  • CoveredInFish - patch to add timeInMs and timeDate to the getInfo() MTscript function
  • CoveredInFish - patch for disabling macroLink tooltips in chat
  • Rumble - Selection Panel no longer repaints itself if it is not visible (performance improvement)
  • Rumble - building on the previous one, a new internal event was added that only fires on macro change which also speeds things up
  • patoace - new Spanish translation file

1.3b75 (released 2010-09-27)

1.3b74 (released 2010-09-07)



  • Fix sight types to be limited by the map settings by default
  • Vision arcs should only be visible to owners (if StrictOwner==true) or all PCs (if StrictOwner==false)
  • The property 'macro.function.general.macro.function.number.invalid' wasn't defined in i18n*.properties
  • Updated macro script messages to include more information about errors
  • Add solution text to error message when out-of-memory error occurs while saving a campaign
  • getImpersonated() now fails gracefully
  • setPropertyType() had bad parameter checking
  • getStrProp()'s wiki page was wrong (code was correct)
  • Fixed NullPointerExceptions with json.type() and similar (may not have gotten all of them)
  • URLs should include the colon as valid in the path component (already fixed?
  • Fix b71 bug by finishing rewrite of zip file I/O to handle localizations correctly (last set of fixes I hope!)
  • Fixed potential race condition with an autosave occurring while loading a campaign
  • When a campaign is loaded, set the map to the one that was current when the campaign was saved (bug was in AppActions.loadCampaign(); does this work on clients now also?)
  • Add check for campaign file version number and alerts user when the version number is greater than the version of MT ( for version number checks)
  • Found a few spots where Java I/O streams were not being closed immediately; could lead to inaccessible files on (broken) operating systems :)
  • Using the experimental "map import" feature could cause the initiative panel for the map to fail repeatedly; importing a map now correctly clears the initiative panel entirely




  • When loading a campaign referenced assets are not found; assets are not saved when the asset isn't there
  • Fixed bug with MacroButtonProperties when saving to the GlobalPanel as a Player connected to a server (
  • Fixed bug displaying macro button dialog in situation similar to above
  • Iain - Fix to allow code to compile on Eclipse when not running on OSX (
  • Using Meta-Shift-O resets all fog so that only currently visible areas are exposed and everything else is hard fog
  • Rumble's chat notifier moved to upper left corner of map (overlay color can be set in Preferences)
  • Rumble's select-unowned-tokens patch
  • change Random() to SecureRandom()
  • Craig - added getInfo() function


  • Change Wiki: resetProperty() so that the property is actually removed from the token
  • A lot of token-related macro functions were cleaned up to ensure that they cause the token to be sent to other machines when modified. (example:
  • Add Preferences option that enables the map load/save menu options with the requisite "Are You Sure?" prompt when the checkbox is enabled.
  • Finished the autosave code for the chat log
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Ability to turn the map import/export feature on/off via a checkbox in Preferences (still considered a "beta" feature)
  • More updates to Rumble's select-unowned-tokens patch
  • Added support for changing the OSX dock icon inside MapTool (one more step towards eliminating the shell scripts)


  • Added code to disable performance counters when the corresponding logger is turned off (might save us a few cpu cycles here and there)
  • Fix for autosave race condition (moved variable to avoid concurrency issues when an autosave occurs during a regular File > Save Campaign)
  • Fixed drawings on Hidden layer being "above" tokens on the same layer (should be below;
  • Some bug fixes for importing maps (correct GUID in Zone, for example; Import/export feature still requires special command line parameter to enable. It'll become a Preferences setting in the next build.
  • Problem with importing a token macro with accented characters in it (; fix required restructuring PackedFile.putFile() methods)
  • Remove redundant entries from the resource library list upon startup, and prevent redundant entries from being saved
  • getTokenX() should return a BigDecimal value (
  • Assets marked as "broken" in the campaign file were not restored properly; warnings added to the log file -- change to popup box to alert GM instead?
  • Patch for turning on word wrapping in textareas (kkragenbrink)
  • Patch for preventing token names from being empty (Rumble)
  • Token stacks allow access to incorrect token (reported by aliasmask; fixed by Rumble)
  • Selection of unowned tokens is always allowed, even when Strict Token Ownership is enabled on the Start Server dialog (Rumble; this patch didn't make it into b67 :(
  • Chat notifiers -- messages that indicate someone else is typing (Rumble;
  • Four different opacity levels on Preferences dialog (halo, aura, light, fog). This effectively allows removal of soft fog by specifying a value of 255 for "fog".
  • Updated the German translation (aPown)
  • Updated Spanish translation (patoace)


  • Deal with 64-bit vs. 32-bit JVMs


  • Tooltips fixed on the Sound tab of the Preferences dialog (had text copied from other fields)
  • Add equals sign to URL parsing (following URL now parses correctly:
  • Macro tab removed from the Token Editor dialog (an old Abeille form snuck back in)
  • getPropertyType() again accepts a single default parameter (typo in parameter counting)
  • Short names for properties are no longer "variables" in MTscript, but still evaluate on the statsheet
  • Fixed map importing (internal data wasn't being updated)
  • Another stab at fixing assets being saved in binary but allowing loading in binary and XML


  • Add confirmation dialog to right-click macro menu Reset option
  • Add check to Campaign Properties to disallow property names that differ only in their case
  • Add getPropertyNamesRaw new macro script function which returns mixed case variable names
  • Cleaned up all parameter checking in all of the macro token property functions (new translations needed).
  • Assets in RPToks are no longer being written out as MIME64 encoded text; instead they are binary images. Need lots of testing on this one for backward-compatibility
  • Don't merge old assets from PackedFile into new PackedFile. This should fix RPTOKs growing larger each time they're saved.
  • Remove the Macro tab and all references to macros on the token editor dialog
  • Disable the rest of the UI while the Test Connection is doing its thing
  • Change ImagePanel vertical scrollbar so that the BlockIncrement moves by an entire page height/width, minus one row; UnitIncrement is exactly one row
  • Fix URL regex's so that links pasted into the chat window grab the entire URL
  • Modify wording of Preferences->Application regarding auto-exposing fog
  • Added tooltips to every label on all four tabs of the Preferences dialog
  • fixed the problem with the fog of war paint getting reset back to black when a server is started (cheesethulu)
  • fixed the problem with players momentarily getting a GM view when they disconnect (cheesethulu)
  • support for GM-only auras (woohoo!) (jfrazier)
  • French translation updated (simonutp)
  • Spanish translation updated (patoace)
  • Italian translation updated (Gringoire)


  • Fix bug: server locks up when player disconnects unexpectedly
  • Fix bug: typo in UPnP error message (Azhrei)
  • Update Spanish translation (Patricio)
  • Update French translation (Pierre)
  • Update German translation (aPown)