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The Map Properties dialog opens if you select New Map or Edit Map from the File menu.

Map Properties

Arrayed down the left side of the dialog:

  • Name: this is the map’s title and can be seen in the title bar and Select Map dropdown. Selecting a map image sets the map name to the filename of the image.
  • Cell Type: Square, Hex, Isometric or Gridless.
  • Distance Per Cell: this is how many arbitrary units each cell represents. For the typical fantasy RPG a value of 5.0 would be 5 feet per grid cell.
  • Pixels per Cell: this is how many pixels each cell should cover – the default is 50. This is most important for scaling to map images you downloaded.
  • Vision Distance: This indicates how far, by default, a character can see on the map if nothing else is constraining his vision.
  • AI Cell Rounding: When using the AI option for token movement this setting controls how rounding is done when passing over areas with Terrain Modifiers.
  • Light: Sets the Light level of the map. Same function as the Map -> Vision menu option.

Preview Area

A preview area in the center shows the current Background color or texture and, if a map image has been chosen, the embedded map image. If a map image has been chosen a red and white delete button will appear in the top-right of the preview area. Clicking this allows you to remove the map image.

Map Images

Three buttons on the upper right:

  • Background: Choose a background color or a texture that will be repeated across the map.
  • Map: Choose a map image that you may have downloaded or created yourself in a map creation program or paint program.
  • Fog: Choose a color or a texture to use for the Fog of War feature of MapTool.