RESTful Functions Overview

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The RESTful macro functions in MapTool are for advanced users. This is merely an overview of the MapTool implementation of RESTful functions and not a tutorial covering REST and REST APIs. Those can be readily found on the web such as REST API Tutorial.

What is REST?

REST is acronym for REpresentational State Transfer. It is an architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems and was first presented by Roy Fielding in 2000 in his famous dissertation.

(Definition from tutorial linked above.)

MapTool REST Operations

MapTool supports the following REST requests:

See the entry for each macro function for details about their use.

REST Status Codes

Each request can return the server response or a full response with data typically in a XML or JSON format. Note that XML data can be more easily processed using herolab.XPath() (the prefix is herolab but it's a general purpose function).

The full response will include a status code. A partial list of status codes:

200 OK
201 Created
202 Accepted
204 No Content
400 Bad Request
404 Not Found