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Most of the Shortcut Keys in Maptool can be found in the menus; some however are not listed. These "stealth" keys are marked in italic.

Here is a comprehensive list of all known keystrokes. Most keystrokes require that the map window have the keyboard focus.

Note that Meta means Ctrl on Windows and Linux, and Cmd on OSX. Also note that most of these can be changed in the translation files, so these settings are primarily for the English locale.

Light/Vision Related

Keystroke Description
Meta+K Toggle display of light source icons
Meta+I Clear fog visible by selected token(s)
Meta+P Clear fog visible by selected token(s) along last moved path
Meta+Shift+O Restore fog-of-war to entire map except area currently visible to selected token(s)
Meta+W Toggle fog-of-war on/off (GM only)

Drawing Tools Related

Keystroke Description
Meta+LeftMouseButton Snap to grid while drawing
Alt+LeftMouseButton Draw from centre (vs corner to corner)
Shift+LeftMouseButton Erase

Map Related

Keystroke Description
Spacebar Show a pointer (arrow) on the map
Meta+Spacebar Show a pointer (talk-balloon)
Shift+Spacebar Show a pointer (think-balloon)
Meta+Shift+Spacebar Show a pointer and force player views to temporarily make it visible ("look here")
Spacebar Adds a waypoint while moving (as does middle mouse button)
Meta+G Toggle grid on/off (current client only)
Meta+Shift+S Create screenshot
Meta+Shift+D Clear all drawings
Meta+Z Undo last drawing
Meta+R Redo last drawing (only when drawing tool is active)
Meta+Alt+Enter Toggle full screen map
= Set zoom to 1:1 and back on second press
- Zoom out
+ Zoom in
Z (keep it pressed) inverse mouse scroll zoom
Meta+H Toggle map (in)visible to player(s) (GM only)
Meta+Shift+A Grid settings (spacing, alignment, color) (GM only)
Meta+N New map (GM only)
Meta+Shift+P Toggle player view (GM only)
Meta+Shift+F Center players on current view continuously (GM only)
Meta+F Center players on current view (GM only)
Meta+E Force players to current map (GM only)

Token Related

Keystroke Description
Meta+T Toggle token name display.
T select next token (Shift=previous) on map.
Digits on numeric keypad Move in the direction of the digit (7=NW, 9=NE, 1=SW, 3=SE).
D, NumPad5, or Home Drop selected tokens after moving (when using arrow keys).
Shift+MouseWheel Rotate facing of token. MouseWheel_Up = clockwise. Ctrl=rotate by 1 degree. Otherwise angle controlled by Preferences. When the token is set to TOP_DOWN (double-click on token > Config tab > Shape) the whole token will rotate instead of the yellow facing arrow.
Shift+LeftArrow and Shift+RightArrow

On TOKEN layer: Same as Shift+MouseWheel: rotate token.

On all other layers: Move token per pixel instead of per cell.

Meta+R Turn on token facing. With a mouse click set the facing in the direction of the mouse pointer. Angle controlled as for Shift+MouseWheel. Use Delete to remove facing.
Meta+Shift+L Lock Player Movement (GM Only)
Shift+MouseOver Mouseover on a token normally displays a statsheet; holding down Shift turns off the statsheet.
F Flip selected token(s) horizontally.
Shift-F Flip selected token(s) vertically.

Chat Related

See Chat Commands for specifics on the / commands.

Keystroke Description
/ Macro command (press Enter to complete)
Meta+Enter Toggle chat frame visibility


Keystroke Description
Meta+O Open Campaign File...
Meta+S Save Campaign
Meta+A Save Campaign As...
Meta+X Cut (tokens only)
Meta+C Copy (tokens only)
Meta+V Paste (tokens only)