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MapTool uses the TinyLaF look-and-feel library for the look and feel of MapTool.

MapTool 1.6+

MapTool versions from 1.6+ set the theme being used via the Themes menu in the user interface. You can add your own themes to the themes directory shown below.

Theme Location MT 1.6+

MapTool Themes directory under Windows:


Older versions are deprecated due to the log4j security vulnerability.

MapTool pre-1.6

Prior to v1.6, MapTool uses the default theme of TinyLaF and this can be changed by placing a different default.theme file where it can be found when MapTool starts (see Theme Locations below). The preferred location is in the home directory of your user account. A theme placed there will be loaded by any version of MapTool no matter where it is installed. Alternatively you can put it in the MapTool working directory alongside the .jar file where it will only be seen by that particular install of MapTool.

Note that the theme file must be renamed to Default.theme to be automatically loaded. Case doesn't matter on Windows but may on Linux and MacOS.

Theme Locations for MapTool pre-1.6

User Home under Windows:


MapTool config directory under Windows:


Working directory for default installation under Windows


Theme Packs

TinyLaF Base Themes+

This archive has several themes that you can experiment with. Most are base theme examples of different color schemes that come with TinyLaF and there are three modified ones with larger font sizes.

Default TinyLaF Themes

Large Font Themes

  • MyDefault16.theme - Screenshot
  • Nightly14.theme
  • Nightly16.theme
Takehara Themes


Creating Custom TinyLAF Themes

You can customize and create your own TinyLAF themes by using the TinyLAF control panel. Once downloaded, tinycp.jar is the control panel and allows you to create and edit themes.

TinyLAF 1.4.0 Download