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A token property is a variable (string or numeric) that resides on a particular token within MapTool, and may be called upon or evaluated by macros.

Token properties are tailored to fit each individual campaign file and the macros contained in that campaign. Multiple sets of token properties can be created (allowing them to be applied to different classes of token - for example, PC tokens versus NPC tokens). These multiple sets are called token property types.


By default, MapTool has the following set of token properties.

Strength (Str)
Dexterity (Dex)
Constitution (Con)
Intelligence (Int)
Wisdom (Wis)
Charisma (Char)
Defense (Def)
Movement (Mov)
*Elevation (Elv)
Description (Des)


Campaign properties are edited using the Campaign Properties dialog, which is found under Edit -> Campaign Properties on the MapTool menu. They can be directly edited in the Campaign Properties dialog, or pasted in from a text editor of choice.


The format for all token properties.

#*@PropertyName(ShortName):default value

Example Token Property


Will display Surges: 9 in the statsheet.

Controlling Token Property Display

There are three "switches" (shown in the format string above) that control how campaign properties are displayed in the popup statsheet when the user hovers his mouse over a token:

* - Displays the property on the statsheet

@ - Property will be visible only to the owner of that token

# - Property will be visible only to the GM

Note that the * switch is essential for the property to be displayed on the statsheet; the @ and # are optional modifiers to that display. If no switch is set in the property string, the property will be present on the token and accessible to macros but will not be displayed in the popup statsheet.

Languages:  English  • 日本語